Do You Need a Critique?

Welcoming other artists into your studio

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Author and author’s work 2013, Mexico

We Learn to Love and Defend Our Choices

In art school, and especially at the graduate level, critiques can become about “defending” your work. Someone suggests a slightly unfavorable aspect of your piece and you retort (sometimes ad nauseam) about how or why it must remain as is.

We Learn to Face Rejection Gracefully

It may seem that artists only want to hear praise and we do want praise, of course! But empty praise can feel like flattery that, in the end, says nothing deep or important about the work.

We Learn To Speak Intelligently About Art

There is a certain vocabulary specific to art that is important. I am not referring to “art speak,” which can be elitist, intimidating, and downright pompous. The last thing you want to do is alienate your audience with this type of language.

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Artist/Poet attempting to make sense of the world through words and images.

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