A love letter to music

In an episode about New York culture in the popular Scorcese/Netflix series, Pretend It’s a City,writer and raconteur, Fran Leibovitz declares, “No one is loved like musicians” and “Music is a drug that doesn’t kill you.” Could there be any truer truths? I have been crazy about music ever since…

Ode to the 7th day

As I was walking to meet friends for a hike in the small Mexican town where I live this morning, I mindlessly noted less traffic on the streets, many bolted shop doors, and relative tranquility. And then I remembered. It was Sunday! The day of the week in many cultures…

A perfect pair.

Each artist and writer has their own approach to the creative act, and what leads them to arrive at the essence of their particular expression, but regardless of the outcome, and whatever its materials, at its core, every creative form contains structure and beauty. …

A poem

I Peel The Garlic

and think of skin
pale and open
and wanting, like yours.
Mine the color of cherries
languid and sea-varnished.
Its thin veneer heals
each night like Prometheus,
his eagle greets me again
at dawn with a talon tear.

I peel the garlic
the static crackle
recalls your savage…

In painting and writing.

“Tell me, doesn’t your painting interfere with your writing?”

“Quite the contrary: they love each other dearly.” ~ e.e.cummings

This response from poet, e.e. cummings resonates deeply since my visual art and my writing often look to and play off each other as he describes. I’ve been grateful for the…

Ode to my old studio muse.

I’m thinking a lot about cigarettes and how nice it would be to have one. As a long time smoker (and long-time quitter) living alone during this quarantine, I’m remembering how they used to be such good company, especially in the studio where cigarettes measured brush strokes and decisions and…

It’s more than just tubes of paint.

Painting, six panels, walnut in decay laying of swaths of fabric with marigolds

What is the public perception of artists? I have encountered many. Everything from fascination, to perplexity, to preconceived notions, to disregard, to envy. That last one is the kicker. Many people believe that artists live a “free” life, unhindered by schedules, bosses, cubicles or clock punching.

They spend their time…

Linda Laino

Artist/Poet attempting to make sense of the world through words and images. www.lindalaino.com

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